Candidate sourcing: best practices

Simon Brunner

15 mai 2023

Candidate sourcing: best practices

What is sourcing and what are its advantages? How has the evolution of the job market favored this method? We explain how to use this indispensable technique for effective recruiters.

In this article we will cover:

  1. The definition of sourcing in recruitment

  2. HR sourcing has become indispensable

  3. The 4 advantages of proactive candidate sourcing

  4. Our 4 tips for effective candidate sourcing

The definition of sourcing in recruitment

Sourcing, or to source, is the art of searching for resources. Whether you are a recruiter in a firm or a company, resorting to sourcing is now mandatory. This recruitment method involves searching for and identifying ideal candidates for a position on the Internet or in person. It is broken down into several steps, from defining the need to the job interview.

HR sourcing has become indispensable

It's not news, the recruitment world has been suffering from a talent shortage for some years now. Companies struggle to attract qualified talent. The number of spontaneous applications is, moreover, clearly decreasing.

The conclusion is clear: the market has reversed in favor of candidates. This context significantly increases the average time and total cost of a recruitment.

In 2022, recruiting executives is a real challenge for 50% of French companies.

In addition to the lack of applications on the market, many employees in post remain open to other job opportunities. According to an Ipsos study, 80% of workers say they are ready to change companies if their position seems threatened.

The strong demand of the market allows candidates to compare offers and increase their requirements. They are looking for companies that share their values and offer better working conditions.

The competition is fierce between companies and private firms to source, unearth, and recruit the best talents. That's why it's essential for recruiters to develop their attractiveness by multiplying and diversifying their techniques.

The 4 advantages of proactive candidate sourcing

Why opt for proactive sourcing? Although it's not suitable for all types of positions, it's essential to master it in order to increase your chances of recruiting scarce profiles.

Save time

Once your search criteria are well defined, you only select qualified profiles. No need to check at another stage of hiring that the applications match.

Do not depend on applications

The proactive approach allows you to take action rather than wait for candidates to come to you. Your recruitments are not slowed down, even if your job descriptions or your ads lack visibility.

Increase your notoriety

Share job offers, interact with potential candidates, convey the values of your company in your speeches.

By being active on social networks, your company gains visibility. Your values differentiate you and catch the attention of the best candidates. They motivate them to choose you in the short or long term.

Build your pool of qualified talents

A well-conducted sourcing strategy is a must to improve the quality and reduce the costs of your recruitments.

In addition, your candidate exchanges are optimized and saved. Interesting profiles that were not selected can be contacted again for future job openings.

Our 4 tips for effective candidate sourcing

As you have understood, sourcing is an essential method for recruiting efficiently. Here are the 4 tips to remember and apply to succeed in your sourcing.

Identify and define needs

Ask questions to managers and teams. The more information you have about the position to fill, the more precise your sourcing will be. This first step of need analysis impacts all the following ones, do not neglect it!

Vary the techniques and sourcing channels

Some techniques are much more efficient than others, depending on the profile sought. To optimize your recruitments, don't forget any. For less specialized offers, opt for job boards and CV libraries. Search engines and social networks will also be useful for sourcing. Your current employees can also help you recruit more easily. Either because they are moving to a position in internal mobility. Or because they recommend a gem from their personal network. Find our complete guide to sourcing tools 2023.

Create your candidate pool

Add each talent with whom you have interacted and keep important information. By being rigorous, you will save a lot of time in the medium and long term. Facilitate its use with tools such as an ATS associated with our Lymia solution.

Appreciate candidates and stay in contact

It's the best way to leave the door open! Communicate about the company, share feedback, progress of recruitment... A talent who trusts you will more easily accept your offer or will come back to you during a future search.

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