The best sourcing tools

Simon Brunner

2 juil. 2023

The best sourcing tools

Many tools exist to facilitate your sourcing in recruitment. Don't waste time, focus on the essentials. Discover our selection and our recommendations to help you see more clearly and become more efficient.

In this article we will see:

  • Job boards

  • CV libraries

  • ATS (Applicant Tracking System)

  • Your talent pool

  • Social networks

  • Search engines

  • Internal mobility

  • Employee referral

Job boards

Sites that broadcast job offers are a recruitment classic. The majority of candidates (96%) use these sites. They allow to collect a large number of CVs, continuously.

➕ they offer wide visibility with several million visitors every month.

➖ the applications received are not always qualitative and sourcing lacks precision.

❇️ Our selection: Pôle emploi, Indeed, APEC, Welcome to the Jungle.

💡 Our advice: clearly display your selection criteria and use filters to sort applications and pre-qualify the incoming flow. Job boards are ideal for non-specialized offers.

CV libraries

Some are generalist like those of Pôle Emploi or Monster, and others are specialized like that of APEC (for managers) or GitHub (for IT profiles).

➕ they allow easy access to many candidates.

➖ they are less and less used by talents and the information and CVs are often not updated.

ATS (Applicant Tracking System)

These are databases optimized for processing and tracking candidates.

They allow sorting of applications, saving candidate exchanges... Some ATS offer additional features such as job offer multi-posting, contact automation, application filtering thanks to AI.

➕ it is the essential tool for tracking candidate progress.

➖ be careful not to automate certain processes too much, as it can harm the personalization of contact.

💡 Our advice: ATS are very powerful software for sourcing applications, if they are correctly filled in and enriched.

❇️ Our selection: SuccessFactors Recruiting the ATS from SAP, the essential Teamtailor, Flatch the French solution, Tool4Staffing for consulting firms and ESNs.

Your talent pool

This database includes all the candidates who have applied, those that your team and you have added. It is a powerful tool for selecting pre-qualified talents, as you would in a CV library.

When your talent pool is regularly enriched and maintained, it allows you to create and maintain a link with talents in post and job search. This simple and human approach facilitates and accelerates your recruitments.

➕ the pool is the most efficient method in the long term, especially in a context of scarcity.

➖ it is necessary to keep in touch with the talents, to manage your pool well, and to equip yourself with a suitable tool to use it well.

💡 Our advice: optimize and exploit your talent pool! Our Lymia solution allows you to find the best candidates in your ATS and LinkedIn network in less than 5 minutes.

Social networks

LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram have become essential tools for businesses. We recommend using them in at least the following 3 ways.

1️⃣ Candidate search

LinkedIn Sales Navigator and LinkedIn Recruiter are two paid tools that allow you to search for profiles on LinkedIn.

➕ you can source in the world's largest pool.

➖ the search precision varies and the response rate is very low.

💡 Our advice: personalize your introduction messages as much as possible, and don't forget to add candidates to your own talent pool as soon as the conversation is initiated.

2️⃣ Job offer diffusion

Just like on a job board, write an ad, post it on the LinkedIn Company page, and collect applications.

💡 Our advice: republish the job offer on your personal LinkedIn profile, and add the Hiring banner to indicate that you are recruiting!

3️⃣ Your employer brand

The image that a company and its current employees communicate to future talents is crucial! Social networks are often the first point of contact with the candidate, hence the importance of monitoring this type of speech.

You, recruiter and any employee are a potential ambassador.

➕ a well-defined employer brand attracts very motivated candidates.

➖ the values highlighted must be authentic and not staged.

💡 Our advice: to develop the attractiveness and notoriety of your company, communicate values common to all employees and that reflect its uniqueness. Be sure to coordinate your efforts to present a clear and homogeneous message.

Search engines

Google and Bing are simple and efficient tools. Google offers an advanced search function.

The use of relevant keywords allows to find profiles with a lot of precision.

➕ they highlight different profiles from LinkedIn because the results are not influenced by your relationships.

➖ the precision of your searches depends a lot on the chosen keywords.

💡 Our advice: be patient as it takes time and make sure you have a solid mastery of Boolean operators (words or signs to refine a search).

Internal mobility

What if the talent you are looking for is already a collaborator?

In some cases, an employee can evolve towards the vacant position. Thanks to his history, the talent knows the company and its functioning well.

Setting up an internal mobility strategy has more than one advantage.

It allows to anticipate the development of the company; It offers employees different perspectives of evolutions; It's the best technique to improve talent retention; It decreases the chances of a costly bad recruitment (between 20 and 200k€).

➕ internal mobility retains employees, which is not negligible in a context of talent war.

➖ it requires to build a strategy to anticipate needs.

💡 Our advice: for Lymia, this is the future of recruitment! It fits well into a candidate pool strategy.

Employee referral

Encourage your employees to recommend candidates with a bonus. According to a QAPA survey, more than half of French companies (65%) pay a bonus ranging from 500 euros to more than 2000 euros to employees who have found a talent.

This method allows recruiters to save time, especially for rare profiles. Generally, candidates recruited following a referral integrate more easily because they have been sensitized to the values of the company.

➕ referral allows access to less visible profiles, which limits competition.

➖ it can be difficult to solicit and reward employees on a recurring basis.

💡 Our advice: good communication between services can facilitate recruitment by referral.

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